Amazing Foodie Travel Guide for Your Next City Break in Thailand

Foodie Travel Guide for Your Next City Break in Thailand

Foodie Travel Guide for Your Next City Break in Thailand

If you are looking for a great foodie travel guide, check out Thailand Foodie Travel Guide: Bite Me Again! For such a small country, Thailand boasts some fabulous foodie travel destinations. From Bangkok’s famous Red Ribbon Bus to Koh Samui’s tropical islands there is never a shortage of fun and adventure when it comes to exploring food cultures. You will also find that Thailand, much like much of Southeast Asia, has great food depending on where you are: Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi or Koh Samui? There are so many amazing foodie travel destinations in Thailand, that you’re sure to find one which suits your palate.

Explore food cultures Thai foodie travel guide to Bangkok takes you step-by-step through the many different flavors and textures of traditional Thai cuisine. Take you through all the different ways you could get to know such a grand city through its culinary tradition, from street markets to cooking lessons, finding the greatest restaurant deals around and where to get local recommendations from people who live and die by the food they serve. If you want to be awed by your first taste of Bangkok’s glorious food, you might want to start with this: a visit to its most popular food bars. They are everywhere – from the quietest corners of the city to the most lively bars and eateries in the heart of the city. And if you’re looking for a top 10 list of the best Bangkok restaurants, head straight to Ratchaprasong, a staple in the Thai nightlife for decades.

Explore the mystery of northern Thailand Explore northern Thailand through its many famous foodie travel guide restaurants. Some of the more popular ones include Phuket Nana’s Chicken Rice Restaurant and Maenam Ratchasima in Chiang Mai. You can try their award winning chicken rice, which is cooked in a copper bowl, or their spicy seafood curry, which is so hot that you’ll forget you’re eating anything at all. The spicy peanut sauce and crispy tofu make Maenam Ratchasima’s vegetarian dish a definite must-try. In Phuket Nana’s Restaurant, you’ll get to taste the raw egg yolk alongside a spicy mango salad that comes with fried chicken, sweet and sour Pork Ribs and spring rolls that are made using banana leaves.

Explore southern Thailand Get to know the real flavor of Southern Thailand by exploring its many foodie travel guide restaurants. The most famous ones in this region are Maenam Thai and Maenam Tea House. Both specialize in Thai green tea, but only one offers you a free range of organic tea, including Assam, Rooibos, Kuma-zasa, Laksa and Haupia. Both offer extensive tea library and tea events. Head to Chiang Mai for some authentic Thai food inspired by the country’s rich and diverse history – its flavours go back to hundreds of years.

Explore Laos The foodie travel guide that does it all, Laos, has just as much fascinating restaurants as there are scenic mountain villages. You can eat to your heart’s content in Laotian style restaurants, where the food is typically spicy and vegetables are prominent. One of the most famous is Futuna, which offers delicious seafood delicacies, like grilled squid, red snapper, sea scallops and giant clams. Other top picks in Laos include Lassiet, which is known for its delectable French cuisine and specializes in serving tasty goat cheese in banana leaf paste with fresh vegetables and dipping it in soy sauce.

If you’re looking for exciting culinary delights on your next city break in Thailand, make sure you look into a comprehensive guide that includes not just Thailand’s best foodie restaurants but also hiking and nature experiences. You’ll want to make your way to a Lao village to experience the local culture and food before you reach your next city. While you’re there, pick up some Lao cooking books, a gift shop that sells antiques and sample some of the food of Laos to get an idea of the variety of dishes the people eat there.

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