Cool Best Diet Food Plan List

Best Diet Food Plan List

Best Diet Food Plan List

A well-managed diet contains a combination of proteins, carbs, fats and minerals followed by essential vitamins and minerals. The term Ketosis defines a condition where there is an excessive amount of ketones in the blood stream. Entering into the metabolic zone of Ketogenic dieting implies low carbs, high fats and moderate proteins.

The diet food plan list includes twenty-eight popular dishes prepared with Indian spices which are popularly called Indian style. Some of the dishes include paratha, sizzling rice, bhel puri, dosas, sambhar, masala namaste, pulav and bajra. Anjir Rolls (also known as Indian fried dough) are a sweet and spicy pancake-like pastry which is popular with South Indian people. It can be prepared using almonds, cashews, walnuts or pine nuts.

This diet plan food list offers a wide variety of snacks for the dieters. The varieties include Coconut Puffs, Choc Coconut, Chocolate Mint Tarts, Dosa Biscuits, Slushee Balls, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Kaju Barfi, Baba Ganouj, and Fruit Cakes. They are all very healthy and low in calories and carbohydrates. The diabetics can enjoy desserts like Apple cinnamon cake, Mango Coconut, Banana Cream Puffs, and Paratha.

Calorie conscious people can enjoy a wide range of delicious dishes prepared with low calorie ingredients. The dishes include Fruits like Avana, Avondi, Grapefruit, Mandukparni etc. which are very low in calorie. Also the dieter can opt for the dessert variety like Pista, Sambar, Ice cream cake, and Paneer Kulfi. The main source of energy in these meals is the presence of low calorie and low fat dairy products like yoghurt, milk and cottage cheese. This diet menu has the main three components (protein, vegetable and fat) which should be present in balanced proportions in order to stay physically fit.

The Green Tea diet menu which was created by Dr Masamitsu Ichihashi is an excellent weight loss diet program. In this diet plan, you are supposed to drink a cup of green tea per day. The green tea is loaded with antioxidants which can fight against the free radicals present in the body. They can reduce the risk of heart diseases and even cancer. So the best thing about this diet is that it does not contain any calories.

The diet food plan menu which is provided by Dr Oz is a very healthy combination of proteins, vegetables and fruits. But again this diet does not have any calories which makes it the best choice to lose weight. The dieta cetogenica diet also includes green tea in the form of tea powder and capsules.

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